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New Website Announcement!

New Website Announcement!

The Data Science at Scale Team has published a new website and is no longer updating this website. The new website is at:

In the future you will be automatically redirected to the new website, but for now you can stay at the old website. If you would like to proceed to the new website, you can click the above link.

Data Science at Scale Team Overview

Scientific Visualization is an essential tool for understanding the vast quantities of large-scale, time-dependent data produced from high performance computer simulations. While interaction is recognized as a key feature for useful exploration of scientific data, sufficient speed for interaction is impossible on these large data sets using commercially available visualization software and algorithms. Therefore, an extensive research program is required to meet future requirements. The nature of the required research spans the areas of traditional computer graphics, scientific visualization and computer systems software.

Data Science at Scale Summer School

The Data Science at Scale Team is playing a leadership role in the second year of the Data Science at Scale Summer School.

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