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New Website Announcement!

New Website Announcement!

The Data Science at Scale Team has published a new website and is no longer updating this website. The new website is at:

In the future you will be automatically redirected to the new website, but for now you can stay at the old website. If you would like to proceed to the new website, you can click the above link.

Exploration of Exascale In Situ Visualization and Analysis Approaches

The fundamental exascale and “big data” analysis challenge is that there is simply too much data and too little cognitive (human capacity for understanding) and computational bandwidth. In situ and online techniques that process and reduce data at the source are a promising approach forward. We propose to explore and evaluate two quantitative, sampling-based data-reduction approaches. The first is to intelligently down-scale the “raw” data, producing reduced data representations for later visualization and analysis. The second is to intelligently sample the set of possible visualizations and analyses that can be generated, producing a database of selected data products for exploration. These intelligent data reduction approaches will significantly reduce the need for data movement, thus reducing associated supercomputer power costs, and increase scientific productivity by directing eyeballs to selected data.





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